A Suite For Souled People

by Willie Green

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The recent events in Ferguson, Missouri (as well as Staten Island, Beavercreek, Ohio, and Los Angeles) have lifted a veil of comfortable ignorance across this country. The murder of Michael Brown, resultant cover up and egregious treatment of protesters has shown that the perception of Black people in America has changed little since the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s. Americans live in a country where the oppressed are dehumanized and told to be quiet and gracious about their anger; and where the oppressors are harbored by our government and rewarded by our peers. Where the media warps facts to prove agendas against citizens and digital voices rush to play devil’s advocate to conceal their own bias. These are terrifying statements and not exaggerations. I’m no revolutionary. But I am someone who wants to look his children in the eyes and say when his country showed its worst, he did something.

- Paul “Willie Green” Womack, Sept. 15th, 2014


released September 17, 2014

Produced by Willie Green for Paul Womack Media (BMI)
Recorded by Zilla Rocca and Elucid
Mixed and Mastered by Paul “Willie Green” Womack at The Greenhouse
Artwork by Q for ArtChopDesign.com


all rights reserved


Track Name: Funeral (w/Elucid)
Funeral (written by Elucid):

The world’s most dangerous
Nature of the threat
Fear painted us
Shades of scarlet
Smear campaigns
On marked targets
Even unarmed
We spar with marksmen
Arms too short to choke out pale devils
Makeshift rookie rebels
Versus military surplus reserve grade weapons
Save for reference
The message
The pigs response we saw in Ferguson is a look into the future of policing in America at large
The ghetto’s been an experiment
Abuse of power comes as no surprise
Reinforcing the divide
As the gap widens
Know your place or face extreme violence
Your right to remain silent been suspended
Sparked the offensive
Groundswell as the phalanx inches
Facing opposite the winds
Tear gas dispenses
Returned vollies
Black bodies trigger hidden bias
Rounds flying distant siren
Homegoing kiss the gates of Zion
Track Name: Mourning (w/Curly Castro)
Recreate the phalanx, spears at that angle
This fight is for our lives & Zulu is the failsafe
Blood spilled all over ribbons star spangled
You’d think we were the Wendigo, how white men never feel safe
Police were always tasked: go and round up all the freed slaves
Never free at last, have us searching for the real tapes
Grew up Brooklyn ‘88
Perpetual police state
They walked the beat, whistled Dixie
Pointed nightsticks in our face
Taught that chokehold, ran amuck
Then deemed it all illegal? Wait?

I hear another Black body falling
Black star extinguished before he found his calling
Cuffed up in the backseat, hands behind the Black
But yet and still we shoot ourselves?!?
What kind of sense is that??
Dutton said the hunt was on, the prey- the Men in Black
Rebel’s the only option, all the passive hit the back.
And all my Rebel Massive, green and red and then the Black
The tide is soon to turn, a flood of Forty Nights in fact
Feeling lucky test the theory, kill another boy that’s Black
And you’ll have this Boom Bap Zulu
Out the trees like Ceasar’s Back!!
It’s the rebirth of the dawn of the fear of the Planet Black!
It’s the rebirth of the dawn of the fear of the Planet Black!

But every nigga on my block
Can’t stop, and he won’t stop, and he don’t stop (repeat 7X)
Track Name: Revival (w/billy woods)
tell my son like this
Don’t admit to shit but Don’t resist
Don’t flinch when you get gripped up metal bites the wrist
Don’t talk about rights
or what’s right
or what would happen if you were white
even if they whip your ass Don’t fight
Don’t laugh
or get tight
might jump out the shadows middle of the night
but it’s on you Boy to keep those hands in plain sight
Don’t touch your belt
reach for your wallet
or happen to be holding your cell
normal speech is a yell yelling is a reach for the gun
silence an admission of guilt
Don’t try to walk away
if you’re running then run!
if you’re smart play dumb
Don’t get caught in the slums or a nice neighborhood you aint from
if you need help Don’t call 911
Can’t Truss It

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