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Haunted Ocean ft. Curly Castro, Lauren Kelly Benson & Cavalier

from by Willie Green

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(P. Womack [BMI], K. McDaniel [ASCAP], L. Benson, K. Cherry [Sav Cav Music, ASCAP])


Verse 1 (Curly Castro):
Ezekiel Rawlings
Devil inna Blue calling
Segregate, colored only
Call on Mouse if you have a problem
And now yo ass really drowning
Pimping ain't ease it's a mountain
Dealing with anything Half-Back
Enter thru the Back, Bull ConnER
Take it to the Head, Selma
Place Dynamite, No Thelma
Just four little girls, dawn at a church
Spike had to fuckin’ tell yah?
But a Panther only gets Blacker
And the Night plays a factor
It swallows all the white wrongs
And the Meek kills the Master
So the reckonings a'coming
Word to the ghost, Bobby Hutton
So stand strong, Juan Carlos
Or you free fall for nothing
Pardon, We could take it back Dogon, so gather alla yah photons, for the phone con, and so on
Tough to kill like LoGone
Power to the P. Malcolm
Boogie Down like the South Bronx/ with a Falcon
On my Gun Arrrrmmmmmmmmmmm!

Verse 2 (Lauren Kelly Benson):
Would you send your kids
To our kids' school?
Is Trump about to win
This stage of fools?

Do Black Lives really matter
Or do they don't?
Dirty blood, curly hair
Like my President.

Is it true East New York's
Coming up and hot?
Can you touch my Afro? (Ha!)
You may not.

Polluting my Earth, my food
Mind and more.
Healing foremother's wounds
Your forefather's whores.

Verse 3 (Cavalier):
Waltz with the invisible man
The elephant in the room
I need me a sensible plan
They trynna sentence me to doom
If it had not been for the lord
I woulda had a not a now nada
Nat Turner on a quiet night
From the back burner or the pilot light
Cause of one drop of this Black blood
You know the hood different now
seen White girls coming out the chicken spot lookin thick
Or was it one drop of this Black nut?
That got them open season on my progeny
For the fear White ovaries might meet
The Nightmares of an overseer or a housewife of an officer
They like “Why you go there so often?"
"Pardon, can’t cloak this awful truth,
dispute even our ocean's haunted"
So to call me going overboard
Thats old news sung from my sad song
Tongues at the bottom these deep blues
And the cotton in my denim bleeds too
My pain regressive your strain recessive
I'm just trynna be, I'm just minding me
I ain’t trynna be rude

Waltz with the Invisible Man... (x10)


from Doc Savage, released September 23, 2016
Recorded by Zilla Rocca at The International Dart Parlour, Paul “Willie Green” Womack
at The Greenhouse & Steel Tipped Dove at Quarter To Nine Studios



all rights reserved