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Phantom City ft. Zesto, Uncommon Nasa & Barrie McLain

from by Willie Green

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(P. Womack [BMI], J. Overton-Quinones, P. Loverro for Uncommon Color Combinations [SESAC], B McLain)


Verse 1 (Zesto):
Lost and found, no place to rest comfy,
Stroll down the ave, with the half mast to custies,
Bust me, like they just left bookings,
Ain’t puff a C.I. ,
Fits of anxiety,
Landscapes will change,
Bombs erode,
Versions of cat-calls, make germs implode,
Family trees, multiply lovely,
Member your mans, they last stand was he,
Phantoms, like I support the edifice,
Structures remain, leeches consume,
Memories implant to hard drive tombs,
It’s like shells,
And the metaphor is literal,
Waves of bloodshed, the remnants are tricking you,
Holographs like street side windows,
Innuendo, pay taxes to nymphos,
Fuck your ones like -------- date rapists,
Fall into traps of the abstract famous,
They rob fortunes, the shameless,
Lifestyles, of the lost entertainment, for real

Chorus (Barrie McLain):
We used to be something
We used to be anything
We used we used we used to be...

Verse 2 (Uncommon Nasa):
Ornate necklace flash til it disappear
Sounds bounce, dash through the inner ear
Hide your inner tear, let em see you smiling
Compiling memories like dream pieces
Marched ‘til feet pace extreme teachings
Darts fill neat places, themed meetings
Then emerge from the basement through cellar doors
Hella raw, in search of fates that's ornate
No matter real or fake or replaced
Whether or not on the take, gimme the intake
Burlap sacks and metal cases
Words react in several places
Find me in the middle of the bank, in the middle of the city
Counting out tens, ones and fifties
If you can, maybe you can catch me
With a sixties super hero, so fitting
Frankly, I just don't see it
These cops are mostly pigs and they just can't be it
They on my side in an abstract way
In the retro future, we must stay paid



from Doc Savage, released September 23, 2016
Recorded by Uncommon Nasa at Nasa Labs & Paul “Willie Green” Womack at The Greenhouse



all rights reserved