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The Land of Always Night ft. Teddy Faley & Corina Corina

from by Willie Green

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(P. Womack [BMI], T. Faley [BMI], C. Seligman [ASCAP])


Verse 1:
Last week I found a Painting/ last week I found a painting/
All up in my daydream/ urrything the same things/
That's why it keep it gate key/Hollowed in the safe piece/
Wash y’all in the moonlight/ we can paint the day sleep/
You know my position by the stitch in my side/ and my own
Ambition by the lyrics and the spit when I write/
My benediction on a mission of spite
I feel that sickness in that very thing/ All dead everything/
Back yard bully brought his garbage out to bury things/ and
I'll stress anything/ It’s my coked out panic stee /
That's why I keep it canopy/ covering my fantasies/ &
Cannin P's and Q's along with paid dues, sand and breeze

These eyes
More bloodshot than they’ve ever been
I can see all seven deadly sins
Broke down to a thousand pieces
No more to be severed
And I’ve died so many times
Now I’m gonna live forever

Verse 2:
That's my centralized components
No rings around no roses and don't whistle round the homeless
Once you find the problem out you own it/ don’t give glass
houses to the stoneless, they'll break out with their own fists
There’s more attention paid to parts of me I never mention/
So pardon me if I ain't barkin' up your bad intentions/
I"m too big for bullyin' and young for tension/ So I
sit up in my the studio and count out my defenses like/
Most people is dumb/ i keep it breadcrumb by
choice not ‘cause I get too drunk/ Yo they
know me/ Yo they know me cause I holy shits in fits ain’t been a bitch since 86'
and six around me know my sitch but stick around me though


I’m gonna live forever
I’m gonna live forever



from Doc Savage, released September 23, 2016
Recorded by Teddy Faley at Gus Towers, and Paul “Willie Green” Womack at The Greenhouse



all rights reserved