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The Sargasso Ogre ft. BRZOWSKI & billy woods

from by Willie Green

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(P. Womack [BMI], J. Cornell, F. Porter)


Verse 1 (BRZOWSKI):

Architectural salvage, hallways of classy wood painted over uneven
boxing the compass left me awash under the frozen buckets of Nor’easters
collected Qliphoth and husks, shells of god, memorial seating
exercise the rope-pull, enough torque to burn yankee forearms

Severed heads of the 5th Estate to decorate the galley with reminders
Improper action will earn the enlisted man a swift plank or terra-formed gallows
Saint Sebastian counting his arrows, masking elder powers, I keep rowing
Weeds of the sea, a tool for augury but no revolution around swole star worth controlling

Sold off lands, title, and holdings, for a life on a shelf, a night on the tile, a mouth sans smiles, a wife no eyes, a chant no vowels and a dip with the dying
Dopamine will bring me back- all is fine, catch salt in peripheral
Ahab pursues Leviathan prior to capsize

Row, if you can't row better
Bail, if you can't bail learn to
Tread water, tread water
Tread Water, Bread and water

Verse 2 (billy woods):
Precious memories safest in Soft Places
where you can't quite make out their faces
somewhere in the ether like un-caught cases
case-by-case on an ad hoc basis
basements where bodies remain in stasis
statements made through lawyers arrangements
arranging the game with detached disengagement
prow of the ship, she's stripped and faceless
cut my own switch, clenched fists, eyes razors
live in a Philly Shell, hermit crab
black cloud, oil spill, burning man
watch son dip from jungle landing strip
abandon ship with whatever they can grip
and that indeed is the thanks you get
bills came due
Bill came thru
Nigger-rigged Time Machine
whip seem new but you still smell glue
Chorus x2


from Doc Savage, released September 23, 2016
Recorded by BRZOWSKI & Paul “Willie Green” Womack at The Greenhouse
Drums Recorded by Matt Carter at MSR Studios
Guitars Performed & Recorded by C$Burns



all rights reserved