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Red Snow Pt. 1 ft. Has​-​Lo

from by Willie Green

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(P. Womack [BMI], A. Sabreen [ASCAP])


Wide awake now. Motivate now. (x8)

Out in the whip on I­95. Sky in the sunroof, hide my eyes. I look back. Mind's eye,
my life I look at. Might look cracked, but it might be fine. I need mine. Spend the
whole thing 'fore the check ink dries. Money won't cure my stress, but I got debt(s).
Money gon' buy me time...

Write a rhyme...lay it down, build that buzz. Really ain't much to all, just grind they
say. Team no days, ever wonder if you('re) gon' feel that love...? Or will I just be
stuck...? Or will I still need bucks...? Or will a friend and a plus one be the sum
comin' to my shows that month...?

If the top is lonely than the top must feel like here <here> (x4)

I used to know for certain. I question everything.
My brain and heart are fightin'. I question everything.
I fear the unknown but. I'm everything I fear.

I live behind this curtain. Nobody knows I'm here.

I tell the world I'm breathing. Nobody seems to hear.

Maybe I'm nothin' special.

I'm nothin' controversial.

Might be I'm just commercials.

My type of thoughts'll hurt you.

You think I'm nothin' like you.

You think I don't concern you-

Runnin' and runnin' is all that I do. Summer to summer, I summit the booth. (You)
summon, I come in and cut it in two. How was it when rubber's up under my foot
and the other shoe plummet(s) you('re) tumble from view? I done been givin' my
life to this shit. I done been tempted man, I could surrender, be finished the
clenchin' and fightin' and shit­ truthfully, usually I don't be likin' this shit. I'm just
survivin' this shit. Swingin' and dippin', defense is intrinsically in us, my engine is
grindin' and grippin' and grittin', I try and I trip and it's killin' momentum, my vision,
my nigga I hear ya, I'm wit' ya...feedin' this feelin' is bleedin' my spirit, my body and
soul...I'm so-

Wide awake now. Motivate now. (x8)


from Doc Savage, released September 23, 2016
Recorded by Has-Lo at The Spot 260



all rights reserved