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Doc Savage

by Willie Green

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Doc Savage is the new album from Brooklyn producer Willie Green. Inspired by the retrofuturism of its 1930’s pulp fiction namesake, Doc Savage is a hip-hop epic. A classically-trained musician with a resume full of indie-rap bonafides, Green built this album from the ground up, seamlessly melding live instruments into his head-nod aesthetic, and handcrafted the sound every step of the way, from production to mixing and mastering. Instead of just handing rappers beats to choose from, here Green is a producer in the truest sense of the word.

“I wanted to challenge the artists as well as myself, these aren’t some regular old beats. I wanted to take a lot of musical chances with Doc Savage, and the results are wild,” Green says. “I spent a long time hand picking each emcee for their particular songs, pairing them together and discussing concepts.”

For a celebrated producer & engineer with some noteworthy credits under his belt, Willie Green has kept a fairly low profile. Look around the last five years of indie rap records though, and his name pops up in important places like Open Mike Eagle’s breakout single (Nightmares) and billy woods seminal History Will Absolve Me. Doc Savage is a platform for Willie Green to showcase the depth of his unique talents

“This album is the culmination of all my previous work, expanding on styles and production techniques I’ve explored before. It uses samples, live instruments, orchestration, loops; sometimes all at the same time,” Green explains,” I wanted to make this album because while I’ve always had a vague idea in my mind what all these different parts of my experience would sound like together, now I finally had the capability of putting it together."

Doc Savage features some of independent hip-hop’s most celebrated voices; Open Mike Eagle, Billy Woods, Denmark Vessey, Milo, Elucid, PremRock, Henry Canyons, Junclassic & Uncommon Nasa amongst them.

The album also includes a beautiful 20-page lyric book featuring paintings acclaimed Canadian artist Graeme Borland. Five years in the making, Doc Savage is truly Willie Green’s opus and is available Sept 23rd via Backwoodz Studioz.


released September 23, 2016

All Songs Produced by Paul “Willie Green” Womack for Paul Womack Media (BMI)
All Songs Recorded*, Mixed & Mastered at The Greenhouse by Paul “Willie Green” Womack
*Unless otherwise noted
Assistant Engineer: Cedric Wilson
Flute (Tracks 1,8): Erik Elligers
Album Artwork: Graeme Borland
Graphic Design: Patric Mersman for PEM Designs
Executive Produced by: Willie Green and Zu
Label Director: Phantom Power

Thank you to all the artists for lending your tremendous talents to this project. It’s been a long process, but it’s finally done and you’ve made it brilliant. Especially Graeme, you brought my sound to life better than I ever imagined. Thank you everyone at Backwoodz for your hard work, and even more for your patience. And of course, thank you Alessandra for your infinite support.

For Roberto.


all rights reserved


Track Name: The Mental Wizard ft. PremRock & Milo
Verse 1 (PremRock):
Can you feel the hand’s twitching
Pan’s Labyrinth position
Damnit the sand siftin’
Piercing through my hand’s shiftin’
Man…. Listen!
It’s a game of ambition
Pill powder pop drippin’
Sacrificial lamb fishin’
Dip into the livestock
Hologram Pac Risen
Plots thicken
Clock stop ticking
Pop Lock
Who got rhythm ?
Empty handed painter from your streets
Keeping what I gather drawing patterns on your sheets
Counting sheets into the wind
Grit my teeth until the end
Spit my piece until it blend
Keep it brief is my intent
Livin’ life like it’s quill driven
Still life I’m still living
Real life in reel to reel is real different
Dripped ink…
Interpretive vision
Now tell me what you see
It’d take a nation of a million deities to stop my belief
Mach 3 speed I achieve when dragging my feet
React to a fleeting moment of deceit

Chorus (x2):
Like this is my conceit do with it what you will
But best keep the receipt
No returneth from the deep it’s getting deeper still
I speak that head nod, no woe is me
Camus’ ‘Stranger’ motif
Like all this fuss over little old me???

Verse 2 (Milo):
That’s when the old gray cloud burst.
That’s when the old gray cloud burst.
That’s when the pernicious symbol of oppression let itself defecate endlessly on our standards
Pen the draft how Pharaoh eats grapes
Recite the return date
To blue suede cheapskates
I think of Jack Gilbert’s tiger eating pink melon
in Pinkberry,
With my older brother who’s now a felon.
And just as genial as he ever was
Tho still quick to ask what merits the staring cuz
Told Willie Green clock the beat so the feelings right
Milo rap with an aura of healing light
and a pop filter of clear topaz
Kept a satchel packed with ornate doodads
for unplanned camping trips
Paid for by mp3 streams and candid rips
of unbalanced sample flips
(That’s as ample as it gets??)

Chorus (4x)
Track Name: The Majii ft. Denmark Vessey
Verse 1:
Poison poison
Serum come from poison
Bad dreams go that away don’t boomerang
Path you on got cobras on it
That coil on it and use the fangs
Up ya food
And your shoes you lace
Car jackings and coup de Graces
Bar smacking your face
Like smack…
Bars stools'll break your back
Don't be so mean in your retorts luv, take it back c’mon
Caveat sentence may run on
Caviar roe eat the young
Shhhhhhh big money keep quiet bout it pump poison
Sticky pot wit’ no twig nor seed
I brought noisin
My skin as black my sin but fairer than hoisin
My arrogance
And paranoia and cynicism my buoyance

Poison poison
Serum come from the poison
Poison poison
Serum come from the poison
Poison poison
Serum come from the poison
Serum come from the poison
Serum come from the poison

Verse 2:
I pledge allegiance
To my bag
In God we trust
Big face four fathers mug
My Allah my dollar my obelisk
My finger snap and collars up
My cynicism’s on fleek all week
My wall of trust and my guard is up
N word
You don’t believe me, the nerve
You must have seen me on TV
On YouTube, on Daily Motion
On PBS, on GPS, on Waze
Say Aloha to the badman with big chain it’s like Leis
With the foot on the neck of the natives
Got diseased blankets for trade
And dogma so brave
Sing the song of Amazing Grace
I’m Captain Hook
Scratch that I’m Captain
Save A Wretched Cro Magnon
I declare my word is so Canon
What’s a rock and sling to a canon?
The strange fruit on your family tree is my shade
I can help you out with your poison
I got serum all in my fangs
No justice juice for niggas just Tang
Here drink the Kool-Aid it’s great
Yum yum
That’s ETY and that’s E The Young and that’s gang
Just me myself and my fangs
And my serum all in your veins

Poison poison
Serum come from the poison
Poison poison
Serum come from the poison
Poison poison
Serum come from the poison
Serum come from the poison
Serum come from the poison
Track Name: The Lost Oasis ft. Henry Canyons, Likwuid & DefCee
Verse 1 (Henry Canyons):
longing on a large scale is what makes history
body heat of a great city, at least it used to be
tonight’s unusually sharp sun taking a cat nap,
dogs showing teeth, hear the arc of their howls
giving me a chill of eeriness, cocktail bitter with weariness
hoping for another drop....

all i see is the landscape, all i feel is the sand scrapes
desperation on this man’s face
no need to hide it, because it all evaporates
the weather man claimed it’s waiting game
the devout congregate as they pray for rain,
and that group grows fewer, a statement that they lost their faith
hearing whispers of an oasis, goodness gracious

tales of a well, well beyond the end of yenavelt
it’s quite the voyage, boy it’s something that you never felt
heat crashing my cranium, hear the sizzle of my clever melt
questioning my sense of self, as if i dwelled in hell,
splish splash in the River of Stix, if i ever get back
from that trip trapped in my synapse, to feel the moisture from mother earth’s french kiss
rehydrating, eyes dilated, ‘cause we finally made it, elated holding onto the sacred
the profane wanes in waves, feeling faint with the promise of this great lake

Chorus (Likwuid):
Habibi them say pray to Allah...
Rastafari say Jah I and I
Mamma 'nem raised me Christian
When you talk to God do you lose your religion?
I say
Ashae Ashae
Oh Lord, pray I haven't lost my way
My way
In this lost oasis

Verse 2 (Likwuid):
My cup runneth...over
Tearing thru the terrain
A tug of war with one's heart and the brain.
We climb mountains to escape boulders
Only to tongue kiss lava molten
The days are long but the years are shorter
In mother earth's miscarriage
The lactic acid in your chalice
is Lilith lying in your barracks
Too real to close our eyes
surreal is suicide
It's asinine to try to journey to the other side.
Catty cornered by the catacombs... the catacombs
In Babylon we get our battle on and babble on
Catfished by cadavers, who teeth chatter
Not from cold or conversation, but to meet their cattle.
Meat tethered and twined tied to a never ending appetite
Using your wish bone to pry
Your soul from my palate plied and bind by bile brine
Show fangs to protect the young
The hunter is the hunted what's the world become?


Verse 3 (DefCee):
Like a two-headed snake chasin’ its tail,
we hunt what's easiest to kill after braisin the quail.
We're the big fish dyin’ in a dry pond,
knockin need to the side like a pylon.

What you get for the man who has everything germ-free?
What can you grow in the everywhere that he's burned clean?
Where being a ghost town is a weak wish,
and there's only blood in the water when you drink it.

Now he's gon run the grill till the plates gone,
till we're sick with the smell of melting flesh and steak sauce.
If you're poor, he's gonna cook the all of you
cuz if there's anything Uncle Sam knows, it's how to throw a barbecue.

Hook-and-ladder plays to trick the cameras on the field.
Quick trials, heavy sentences, verdicts, and long appeals.
It ain't about what you's who.
A re-election for the vulture that's poised over your food.

Track Name: The Feathered Octopus ft. ELUCID & Open Mike Eagle
Verse 1 (ELUCID):
I know the games you play
But I don’t know who you are
I know the games you play
But I don’t know who you are
I know the games you play
But I don’t know who you are
I know the games you play
But I don’t know who you are
I know the games you play
But I don’t know who you are
I know the games you play
But I don’t know who you are

Let it all hang out

I am I be
I trail I lead
I share we eat
This weed is gold
No like really gold
I push I pull
His hair like wool
I’m on my toes
I’m on my square
I’m scared of heights
I’m used to lows
I know I know
Don’t remind me
No shorts
Please take the side streets

Had the same rap name since the 90’s
Nowadays I teach black kids how to sight read
If ya man shake hands like a Pisces
Nah I’m aight B
From the era of the 5X white tee
Sharing French Fries on a project bench with wifey
Nike check on the uptown
Show me love when I come round
Kinda buzzed, don’t want wanna come down

Doing what it does
I be thinkin bout what I’m thinkin bout
Tryna make a queer girl’s top 5
Tongues tied
Here comes the sunrise
Revolution to be dead dropped on a thumbdrive
Zip file narrated by a Gil Scott-Heron hologram
In gentrified Harlem
Let’s hear it for the man

Verse 2 (Open Mike Eagle):
One time
For redemption
One time
For the hero’s journey

One for the story
Or torn apart
One for the pain
For the glory part
Body broken down
What was in his heart?
New to the throne
Rain finna start
Took another fall
Nail on the head
Brow beaten
Y’all heard?
Never did
Black scorpion
Float leatherhead
Busted open
Lord bloodshed

Oh my God

We wanna follow and he wanna lead
He want the people to know when he bleed
Room recognition for what he achieved
They don’t believe
They think he done
Somebody said he was down for the count
Man what the fuck is they talking about?
Rested for two
How could they doubt?
Lifted it up and y’all thought he was out
He was a scorpion
They started to panic and thought he should hide
He coulda died
He coulda lost
Bought him a mast but what did it cost?
I heard a bell but they’re waving it off
Don’t interfere with it, they getting tossed
Don’t get involved when that brother is taken
It sticks cause ain’t nobody taking him off
He was the champion
He told them straight out the gate he would never submit
He too legit
Thought he was woofing?
Don’t ever look at him crooked
You wouldn’t believe
In spite of the book
And they pushing the clowns
Just look around
He somersault with a foot on the ground
Some of em talk but he puttin’ it down
Give that man his gold
Let it be told
Best on the globe
Look at his boots and his robes
Every opponent is shipped to his sole
Took the control
Holding the cage
His fingers is broken
The door wouldn’t open and stayed
Locked with a rope and a chain
Face split open
The puddle is starting to stain
His face is exposed
Ain’t nowhere to go
Everybody in the audience finally knows
They know
They can see now
Track Name: The Land of Always Night ft. Teddy Faley & Corina Corina
Verse 1:
Last week I found a Painting/ last week I found a painting/
All up in my daydream/ urrything the same things/
That's why it keep it gate key/Hollowed in the safe piece/
Wash y’all in the moonlight/ we can paint the day sleep/
You know my position by the stitch in my side/ and my own
Ambition by the lyrics and the spit when I write/
My benediction on a mission of spite
I feel that sickness in that very thing/ All dead everything/
Back yard bully brought his garbage out to bury things/ and
I'll stress anything/ It’s my coked out panic stee /
That's why I keep it canopy/ covering my fantasies/ &
Cannin P's and Q's along with paid dues, sand and breeze

These eyes
More bloodshot than they’ve ever been
I can see all seven deadly sins
Broke down to a thousand pieces
No more to be severed
And I’ve died so many times
Now I’m gonna live forever

Verse 2:
That's my centralized components
No rings around no roses and don't whistle round the homeless
Once you find the problem out you own it/ don’t give glass
houses to the stoneless, they'll break out with their own fists
There’s more attention paid to parts of me I never mention/
So pardon me if I ain't barkin' up your bad intentions/
I"m too big for bullyin' and young for tension/ So I
sit up in my the studio and count out my defenses like/
Most people is dumb/ i keep it breadcrumb by
choice not ‘cause I get too drunk/ Yo they
know me/ Yo they know me cause I holy shits in fits ain’t been a bitch since 86'
and six around me know my sitch but stick around me though


I’m gonna live forever
I’m gonna live forever

Track Name: Resurrection Day ft. junclassic, PremRock, Warren Britt & Urban Miracle
Verse 1 (junclassic):
Grew in poverty
Great Depression stressing the economy
His father made a martyr outta honesty
Said son…
“Only way to stay out the slum
Is by the way of the gun
One wave and ya done”
Youngin’ knew a rich woman
But the lady ain’t help him
Ran wit’ The Tape Bandits
Baby Face Nelson
Did robberies
Nelson caught a body and laughed
Pop was sloppy
Got hit by a shotty and passed
Wit no Mommy
Fate made him a ward of the State
He escaped a foster home
As sweat poured from his face
Had to steal to eat
And got down with a gang
Grabbed a gun and fell in love
With the sound of the Bang
Rose through the criminal ranks
With brazen acts
Never did a bid the kid
Kept his game intact
And that made him legendary
And a boss in some rough towns
Many cemeteries
Raised their cost when he touched down

Verse 2 (PremRock):
He passed his trees off to his man
Blade in hand, pleading like Brooks Hatlen is a reasonable man
We all bleeding fam
He spoke between Pall Mall’s
Now tell your story walking planting seeds in the Sudan
It’s whether or not you choose to fasten the clot
Stands to reason
Only one of us is leaving with achieving their plan
Thickening agents for the plot
And it’s often all for naught
Speak your piece or kick rocks
Left a trail of broken hearts, smoking guns and picked locks
On the road to perdition probably held up the liquor spot
Got his loving on the run
No need for hurdles up
Spilled milk ain’t a tragedy ‘cause it tends to curdle up
Never trust a man so willing to grant a favor…
And never leave that phaser on stun
Come for the benediction
but you’re stayin’ for the show
And you purchase for the purpose but you’re paying for the glow…
Traveling medicine show
Sipping on Old Crow, adage age old
DT couldn't handle the caseload
He did it for the pesos
Revolver in the trench like - “Don’t nobody move until I say yooooo…”
I was born like this
Sight’s on won’t miss
Light’s on don’t switch
Is this mic on? shit.
Torpedoes be damned I’ma light that wick
You can fight back if you want you better bite that lip

Verse 3 (Warren Britt):
Waking up at five he
Get to work at eight
Just to get ate by eight different parts of his plate
This is great
He don't see no escape
The bills late always
Plus he gotta tell this to his date, who he hate
Showered in sour grapes and spilled milk
Got him feeling like the bride at the start of Kill Bill
Will feel victorious one of these days
Baby say he got a baby on the way
Is it mine?
Is it his?
It is what it is, getting pushed out the place that he lived since a kid
And he still gets piss from the pigs when he gives
To the city and the state just to fix up their crib

Verse 4 (Urban Miracle):
It is what it is
It what it was
He says you make moves
But the result ain't up to us
Can't give up
Gotta keep it motoring right
Faith in God and the plan
Stay holding him tight
And He see the prize all in sight
Within his grasp
Gorilla arms with monkey wrench
Right up in his plans
It's just him
Trying to advance
Sick of nothing but lint
In the pockets of his pants
But each scheme
Meets its end by ironic means
It’s hard to keep the faith
When you on a losing team
Can't lose the dream
If needs a re-work
Don't fall for reactions like a knee jerk
Consider it the rebirth
A re-cert
He keeps forward, never revert
Sometimes it's new lessons for the teacher
In defeat it’s a form of grace
Follow suit
If it's brief
Solve the case
He makes moves
Avoiding buffoons
He the rusty fork
Wanting the silver spoon
A jester to a grand imperial
From the condemned to a miracle
Track Name: The Sargasso Ogre ft. BRZOWSKI & billy woods
Verse 1 (BRZOWSKI):

Architectural salvage, hallways of classy wood painted over uneven
boxing the compass left me awash under the frozen buckets of Nor’easters
collected Qliphoth and husks, shells of god, memorial seating
exercise the rope-pull, enough torque to burn yankee forearms

Severed heads of the 5th Estate to decorate the galley with reminders
Improper action will earn the enlisted man a swift plank or terra-formed gallows
Saint Sebastian counting his arrows, masking elder powers, I keep rowing
Weeds of the sea, a tool for augury but no revolution around swole star worth controlling

Sold off lands, title, and holdings, for a life on a shelf, a night on the tile, a mouth sans smiles, a wife no eyes, a chant no vowels and a dip with the dying
Dopamine will bring me back- all is fine, catch salt in peripheral
Ahab pursues Leviathan prior to capsize

Row, if you can't row better
Bail, if you can't bail learn to
Tread water, tread water
Tread Water, Bread and water

Verse 2 (billy woods):
Precious memories safest in Soft Places
where you can't quite make out their faces
somewhere in the ether like un-caught cases
case-by-case on an ad hoc basis
basements where bodies remain in stasis
statements made through lawyers arrangements
arranging the game with detached disengagement
prow of the ship, she's stripped and faceless
cut my own switch, clenched fists, eyes razors
live in a Philly Shell, hermit crab
black cloud, oil spill, burning man
watch son dip from jungle landing strip
abandon ship with whatever they can grip
and that indeed is the thanks you get
bills came due
Bill came thru
Nigger-rigged Time Machine
whip seem new but you still smell glue
Chorus x2
Track Name: The Man of Bronze ft. Henry Canyons, Googie & Amy Leigh Richards
Hip hip hourah pour le heros
“Hip hip hooray for the hero”
il a merite a sa medaille
“He has earned his medal”
et le bonheur est dans ses yeux
“and happiness is in his eyes”

Verse 1 (Henry Canyons):
early morning mid june.. tanks got the streets rumbling..
platoons stationed in front of the Louvre, wondering
whole family had our ears glued, hearing the news of our worst fears true on the
we all prayed for God at long last, my father’s storefront smashed
forced to wear gold star on our armbands, community of trembling hands
frantic escape plans and caravans, damn nightmare’s just begun
mother told me i had to run, January ’41,
frozen hoping she’d again see her only son

Verse 2 (Googie):
They lockin’ us up in cages
Strap muzzles to our faces
I can’t take it
my plan is escapin’ this plantation
Breakin’ outta my shackles
Patient I wait for massa
to count his sheep
and when he’s sound asleep
is when I make a dash
into the forest
Gotta follow polaris
The sounds of bloodhounds are echoing bellow into the morning
I gotta make it
if not they’ll be hangin me from a noose by my neck
Just so massa doesn’t lose his respect
They call me Bravo

Verse 3 (Googie):
These lashes on my back are more like a symbol
When all faith dwindled
The candle was meant to be rekindled
War is far from Civil
Confederate flags wave in the red sun
Run to the pulse of a dead drum
I can’t stop now I've made it way too far paid in scars can't believe I even made it this far
little further I'm considered a free man where each hand is valued the same
for what it's worth
for what is gained
A brand new name
no longer a slave
just call me Bravo

Verse 4 (Henry Canyons):
je suis parti au milieu de la nuit
“I left in the middle of the night”

aucune idée de l’avenir de ma famille
“With no idea of my family’s future”

seulement l’espoir de les retrouver au Brésil
“Only the hope is reuniting in Brazil”

dix mille bournes...
“10,000 miles”

nothing was forewarned
or for sure, hiding under floorboards, in stalls in farms
all aboard to cross shores, the reward of seeing my family once more
peur qu’ils sont morts, notre puissance est trop fort. c’est mon médaille en or
“scared they were dead, but our resilience is too strong. That is my gold medal of honor”

Track Name: Haunted Ocean ft. Curly Castro, Lauren Kelly Benson & Cavalier
Verse 1 (Curly Castro):
Ezekiel Rawlings
Devil inna Blue calling
Segregate, colored only
Call on Mouse if you have a problem
And now yo ass really drowning
Pimping ain't ease it's a mountain
Dealing with anything Half-Back
Enter thru the Back, Bull ConnER
Take it to the Head, Selma
Place Dynamite, No Thelma
Just four little girls, dawn at a church
Spike had to fuckin’ tell yah?
But a Panther only gets Blacker
And the Night plays a factor
It swallows all the white wrongs
And the Meek kills the Master
So the reckonings a'coming
Word to the ghost, Bobby Hutton
So stand strong, Juan Carlos
Or you free fall for nothing
Pardon, We could take it back Dogon, so gather alla yah photons, for the phone con, and so on
Tough to kill like LoGone
Power to the P. Malcolm
Boogie Down like the South Bronx/ with a Falcon
On my Gun Arrrrmmmmmmmmmmm!

Verse 2 (Lauren Kelly Benson):
Would you send your kids
To our kids' school?
Is Trump about to win
This stage of fools?

Do Black Lives really matter
Or do they don't?
Dirty blood, curly hair
Like my President.

Is it true East New York's
Coming up and hot?
Can you touch my Afro? (Ha!)
You may not.

Polluting my Earth, my food
Mind and more.
Healing foremother's wounds
Your forefather's whores.

Verse 3 (Cavalier):
Waltz with the invisible man
The elephant in the room
I need me a sensible plan
They trynna sentence me to doom
If it had not been for the lord
I woulda had a not a now nada
Nat Turner on a quiet night
From the back burner or the pilot light
Cause of one drop of this Black blood
You know the hood different now
seen White girls coming out the chicken spot lookin thick
Or was it one drop of this Black nut?
That got them open season on my progeny
For the fear White ovaries might meet
The Nightmares of an overseer or a housewife of an officer
They like “Why you go there so often?"
"Pardon, can’t cloak this awful truth,
dispute even our ocean's haunted"
So to call me going overboard
Thats old news sung from my sad song
Tongues at the bottom these deep blues
And the cotton in my denim bleeds too
My pain regressive your strain recessive
I'm just trynna be, I'm just minding me
I ain’t trynna be rude

Waltz with the Invisible Man... (x10)
Track Name: The Thousand Headed Man ft. Armand Hammer & Andy Koufax
Verse 1 (billy woods):

Original Man wave from Ghanaian sands
Human traffic jammed up like 80s crack wave hand-to-hands
When God asked after my brother...deadpan
Xeroxed your cover sold it two-for-five my part of the gutter along with Best of Jadakiss
Cruel Summer
South African Embassy Danny Glover
You should know, your mother took a lover
Old Leopold, Congolese Beyonce Knowles laughing somewhere cold
Or in Dubai's fake snow
Didn't look up as he rolled, asked in Portuguese how much the hold hold
Laughed as the translation came in; all systems go
White gold black gums white teeth Canal Street white heat bright Sudanese son
Hammer'n sickle in his blood so the Mosquitos don't come
Milo in a tin cup, splash of west indian rum

Chorus 1 (Andy Koufax):
Laser on a paper tray a cover smothers sheet and it's gone
Copies in the office personal use like the weed in the jar
I'm a god I'm a wolf and a pig and a dog
It's the weight of the world that made me strong

Verse 2 (ELUCID):
Black doo rag with the cape out at the Wu Mansion
Hand stitched enchantment
I answer to my name
I got nothing to lose but these chains
Millyrock in the flame
Cash for gold, funny money at the jewelry exchange
Shit for brains I’m confused in this thang
Fuck u and ya mans
Stay true with my aim
He’s no killer
Their posse's on broadway doing death drops
I would play collecting red tops
Shortcuts through open lots
South Jamaica cop killer Queens
No shirt slapboxing in the street
I am who I seek
Delusion draw the line between facts and belief
Mathematic supreme
For niggas who walk with a toothbrush keeping their white kicks clean
Team Elohim
Coke dreaming
Black powers for Black men I been reading
Caught a body east of Eden
Still breathing, keep squeezing
Dozed off in something sleek on the Major Deegan

Chorus 2:
Laser on a paper tray a cover smothers sheet and it's gone
Copies in the office personal use like the weed in the jar
I'm a god I'm a wolf and a pig and a dog
It's the weight of the world that made me strong

Con a game lose sight which way is the wrong
Turnaround still frames each head is a song
I'm a god I'm a wolf and a pig and a dog
It's the weight of the world that made me strong
Track Name: Phantom City ft. Zesto, Uncommon Nasa & Barrie McLain
Verse 1 (Zesto):
Lost and found, no place to rest comfy,
Stroll down the ave, with the half mast to custies,
Bust me, like they just left bookings,
Ain’t puff a C.I. ,
Fits of anxiety,
Landscapes will change,
Bombs erode,
Versions of cat-calls, make germs implode,
Family trees, multiply lovely,
Member your mans, they last stand was he,
Phantoms, like I support the edifice,
Structures remain, leeches consume,
Memories implant to hard drive tombs,
It’s like shells,
And the metaphor is literal,
Waves of bloodshed, the remnants are tricking you,
Holographs like street side windows,
Innuendo, pay taxes to nymphos,
Fuck your ones like -------- date rapists,
Fall into traps of the abstract famous,
They rob fortunes, the shameless,
Lifestyles, of the lost entertainment, for real

Chorus (Barrie McLain):
We used to be something
We used to be anything
We used we used we used to be...

Verse 2 (Uncommon Nasa):
Ornate necklace flash til it disappear
Sounds bounce, dash through the inner ear
Hide your inner tear, let em see you smiling
Compiling memories like dream pieces
Marched ‘til feet pace extreme teachings
Darts fill neat places, themed meetings
Then emerge from the basement through cellar doors
Hella raw, in search of fates that's ornate
No matter real or fake or replaced
Whether or not on the take, gimme the intake
Burlap sacks and metal cases
Words react in several places
Find me in the middle of the bank, in the middle of the city
Counting out tens, ones and fifties
If you can, maybe you can catch me
With a sixties super hero, so fitting
Frankly, I just don't see it
These cops are mostly pigs and they just can't be it
They on my side in an abstract way
In the retro future, we must stay paid

Track Name: Red Snow Pt. 1 ft. Has-Lo
Wide awake now. Motivate now. (x8)

Out in the whip on I­95. Sky in the sunroof, hide my eyes. I look back. Mind's eye,
my life I look at. Might look cracked, but it might be fine. I need mine. Spend the
whole thing 'fore the check ink dries. Money won't cure my stress, but I got debt(s).
Money gon' buy me time...

Write a rhyme...lay it down, build that buzz. Really ain't much to all, just grind they
say. Team no days, ever wonder if you('re) gon' feel that love...? Or will I just be
stuck...? Or will I still need bucks...? Or will a friend and a plus one be the sum
comin' to my shows that month...?

If the top is lonely than the top must feel like here <here> (x4)

I used to know for certain. I question everything.
My brain and heart are fightin'. I question everything.
I fear the unknown but. I'm everything I fear.

I live behind this curtain. Nobody knows I'm here.

I tell the world I'm breathing. Nobody seems to hear.

Maybe I'm nothin' special.

I'm nothin' controversial.

Might be I'm just commercials.

My type of thoughts'll hurt you.

You think I'm nothin' like you.

You think I don't concern you-

Runnin' and runnin' is all that I do. Summer to summer, I summit the booth. (You)
summon, I come in and cut it in two. How was it when rubber's up under my foot
and the other shoe plummet(s) you('re) tumble from view? I done been givin' my
life to this shit. I done been tempted man, I could surrender, be finished the
clenchin' and fightin' and shit­ truthfully, usually I don't be likin' this shit. I'm just
survivin' this shit. Swingin' and dippin', defense is intrinsically in us, my engine is
grindin' and grippin' and grittin', I try and I trip and it's killin' momentum, my vision,
my nigga I hear ya, I'm wit' ya...feedin' this feelin' is bleedin' my spirit, my body and
soul...I'm so-

Wide awake now. Motivate now. (x8)
Track Name: Red Snow Pt. 2 ft. billy woods
Borrowed suit, I pop bottles in hard bottoms
sip juice from Tiffany coupes
watching white women raise the roof
pour something for old friends who always pick the wrong men
and make the same excuses again and again and again
“he's not like this when it's just me and him”
had to suppress a grin
classical music no need to go out on a limb
cognac and gin Stay Up Late with Womack and Friends
On my own damn planet
The little prince
Ignore me
it's yourself you gotta convince because your fiancé is a bitch
open bar get my crutch dance like crip
they wanted a speech I let 'er rip
all i heard was "preach brotha!"
on my Big Gipp dabbing forehead monogrammed handkerchief
“this won't take all night”
sunk cost fallacy
counting the days till I'm paid to rap in a gallery
drug war almost over
nobody wanna be the last casualty
arresting officer laughing casually like
"is you mad at me, or yourself"
Bad situation like you grabbed the belt
sniveling, legs starting to welt and all mom said was
let go, or else
Track Name: The Yellow Cloud ft. Pastense, Dan Dillinger & Skech 185
Verse 1 (Pastense):
You don't see it? Don't look down
It’s opposite the cement / The past shines a beacon
A time when / from where the light reaches
Pierces the firmament / opticals process the heavens internally
Wilted or unfurled / the former frees
I'm the wings of a bird before a storm at sea
For me , it's hard to move forward
Stuck in a shell / taking turtle steps
Stuck in a well / hitting a wall
Hard times
One Nine Eight Two burners
Faded to hard lines / don't stop for park signs
Live keep swimming / dark binds with light
I'm a shadow with shark spine
Sit on stoop / the street lamp flickers
Vine climb brick wall / red cup liquor
Eyes rain salt water / thoughts flow inward
Abyss pitch black, vast
Walking in circles with my last lit match

Chorus (Dan Dillinger) (x3):
Granite, planet, falling from the clouds
Landing on the shoulders of the most, the sick and proud
Blocking out the sun rays, so some days it's dark
But embark on spreading heart and there's still hope within the art

Verse 2 (Skech 185):
Chewable air halos atop the glut of humanity. Gutter tongues stuck in the mouths of the children killing before their wings leave. So how does your desert god explain a hemorrhaging planet of ex slaves that trade in excess and brain chemistry? Envision these obituaries under pressed flowers in bibles. Survival is an industry! And viral or facsimile of a “Paradise Lost.” Reinforce glass ceilings. Now let’s see what these upcoming screams will shatter. It seems a “feast or cancer” between the kings and every home. Bitter grandeur unevenly spread across a grid. The sicker they answer! Like “there are only so many cemeteries.” The Twentieth Century was heavy! It’s cracked their neck on nudging an avalanche. Folding the flags matching a millions ways to bury inconvenient truths. Roots ensnaring themselves within the shells of fallen leaders feeding strange fruit. But, perhaps, these are just fading thoughts of a war hawk half blinded by the yellow cloud of yesterday.
Track Name: The Man Who Shook The Earth ft. Ray Will
I’m tryna get to the
Man of bronze
Stand next to God
He gotta be the chosen 1
So don't you ever try to compare lebron
How many wanna go against the odds?
Can't go against the Doc
I'm trying to get him on the phone
He usually on the 8-6 flo
But he ain't been there though
I'm tryin to get up in there though
He got something the whole world want
But he do stuff the whole world don't
He the one to call before the whole world blow
Make you wanna show soul
But he the only one to serve...
But How many really wanna put in the work.. After work
But when I look up in the mirror and I realize
They can't stop you guy
You got that Tom Cruise drive
You gotta do it big and do it 2 times
Boy you just gotta take a leap of faith and just fly
Take a leap of faith and just fly
Take a leap of faith and just fly

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