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The Feathered Octopus ft. ELUCID & Open Mike Eagle

from by Willie Green

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(P. Womack [ BMI], C. Hall, M. Eagle [Conscious Pork, ASCAP])


Verse 1 (ELUCID):
I know the games you play
But I don’t know who you are
I know the games you play
But I don’t know who you are
I know the games you play
But I don’t know who you are
I know the games you play
But I don’t know who you are
I know the games you play
But I don’t know who you are
I know the games you play
But I don’t know who you are

Let it all hang out

I am I be
I trail I lead
I share we eat
This weed is gold
No like really gold
I push I pull
His hair like wool
I’m on my toes
I’m on my square
I’m scared of heights
I’m used to lows
I know I know
Don’t remind me
No shorts
Please take the side streets

Had the same rap name since the 90’s
Nowadays I teach black kids how to sight read
If ya man shake hands like a Pisces
Nah I’m aight B
From the era of the 5X white tee
Sharing French Fries on a project bench with wifey
Nike check on the uptown
Show me love when I come round
Kinda buzzed, don’t want wanna come down

Doing what it does
I be thinkin bout what I’m thinkin bout
Tryna make a queer girl’s top 5
Tongues tied
Here comes the sunrise
Revolution to be dead dropped on a thumbdrive
Zip file narrated by a Gil Scott-Heron hologram
In gentrified Harlem
Let’s hear it for the man

Verse 2 (Open Mike Eagle):
One time
For redemption
One time
For the hero’s journey

One for the story
Or torn apart
One for the pain
For the glory part
Body broken down
What was in his heart?
New to the throne
Rain finna start
Took another fall
Nail on the head
Brow beaten
Y’all heard?
Never did
Black scorpion
Float leatherhead
Busted open
Lord bloodshed

Oh my God

We wanna follow and he wanna lead
He want the people to know when he bleed
Room recognition for what he achieved
They don’t believe
They think he done
Somebody said he was down for the count
Man what the fuck is they talking about?
Rested for two
How could they doubt?
Lifted it up and y’all thought he was out
He was a scorpion
They started to panic and thought he should hide
He coulda died
He coulda lost
Bought him a mast but what did it cost?
I heard a bell but they’re waving it off
Don’t interfere with it, they getting tossed
Don’t get involved when that brother is taken
It sticks cause ain’t nobody taking him off
He was the champion
He told them straight out the gate he would never submit
He too legit
Thought he was woofing?
Don’t ever look at him crooked
You wouldn’t believe
In spite of the book
And they pushing the clowns
Just look around
He somersault with a foot on the ground
Some of em talk but he puttin’ it down
Give that man his gold
Let it be told
Best on the globe
Look at his boots and his robes
Every opponent is shipped to his sole
Took the control
Holding the cage
His fingers is broken
The door wouldn’t open and stayed
Locked with a rope and a chain
Face split open
The puddle is starting to stain
His face is exposed
Ain’t nowhere to go
Everybody in the audience finally knows
They know
They can see now


from Doc Savage, released September 23, 2016
Vocals recorded by ELUCID, Open Mike Eagle & Paul "Willie Green" Womack
Drums Recorded by Matt Carter at MSR Studios
Additional Vocals by Barrie McLain
Additional Vocal Editing by ELUCID



all rights reserved